Green technology is possible.

We seek inspiration from nature to create efficient technical solutions that are not harmful to the environment.

Our technology is backed up by 50 years of experimental work and over 50 patents. We have succeeded in combining gravity with the other three fundamental interactions. Which has opened a fundamentally new, environmentally friendly, safe and easily accessible energy source.

The discovery of the quantum properties of the gravitational field gives access to new technologies in the field of production and operation, land, air, underwater transport and much more. The two technologies that are shown below are only a small part of what is possible

"Water is the Driving Force of All Nature."

– Leonardo da Vinci.

Impulse Pump - World record breaker

With the IP, gravitational pull is no longer a limiting force. Using heart as its role model, IP is making its way into history as one of the most revolutionizing technologies ever made. The pump is using pressured pulses to pump fluids and has no suction lift limit. This technology is a major break- through in hydraulics since Galileo Galilei.

Installed on the surface, the IP generates controlled compression waves which propagate with a speed of sound through the fluid in the tubing to the pulse converter installed at the bottom of the well bore. By reaching the converter a compression wave creates negative pressure which activates/opens the check valve and lets the fluid enter into the tubing. The process takes place at given frequency and amplitude resulting in continuous pumping of the fluid to the surface at a required flow rate.

  • Efficiency > 80%
  • Installed on the surface for easy deployment and access in case of repair
  • Off-the-shelf components

“Environmentally friendly cars will soon cease to be an option … they will become a necessity.”

— Fujio Cho, Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motors

Supersonic Wave Engine - WWF Climate solver

Clean planet should be a necessity.

Supersonic wave engine is a new, bio-mechanical method for power generation. We can reduce CO2 emissions of a combustion engine by 100%. Our engine does not rely on fossil fuel. If our SWE technology were to be used by only 10% of its potential customers, it could reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 million tonnes per year – reaching full potential would reduce CO2 by an astonishing 500 million tonnes per year.

"A Supersonic Wave Engine (SWE) may sound like technology more suited to a science-fiction movie than to today’s reality. But it’s the real thing – an engine that taps bio-mechanical processes such as a pulsing heart and swimming fish to produce a next generation engine light-years ahead of internal combustion." - WWF


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